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We are Lee and Laura Yarbrough of Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Laura was born in Las Vegas, Lee has been here most of his life. We have raised our Children here and now have Ten Grandchildren also living in Vegas.

After our kids grew up and moved out we sold our businesses and decided we would retire. Something we found out about being retired is you work more hours then you did before but you just don't collect a paycheck for that work. We spend most days working with groups that feed kids that do not have enough food in their life or are homeless.

When the kids were still home we always had some decorations but could not afford to go over the top. Presents, food and schooling bills always won out over extra holiday decorations. As the kids moved out we started using their rooms to store new decorations we would buy each year. We finally decided that we wanted our house back so we put in some serious decorations storage.


We live in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Las Vegas. It was built in 1951. As time has gone on this area of town became a poorer part of town. Many of the older people moved away yet we stayed and enjoy our lifelong home.

We have seen over the years that less people seem to decorate for the Holidays each year. We started decorating over 15 years ago with one string of ice cycle lights and a small sign in the yard that said "Let it Snow". As time went on we bought a few more decorations.

As we add a few more decorations we noticed that people would stop at our house, spend some of their time and just enjoy the decorations. Some of them would come back a few times each season, some would return every night. There are little kids and the elderly. All smiling, enjoying the decorations and just slowing down their hectic life for a few minutes.

For Halloween we have seen over 800 people come to our home. During the Christmas season there is not a night that goes by that when we step into our yard there is not a group enjoying the decorations. We can be in our yard in July and people stop by asking us about what we have planned for Christmas. It is nice to see that people have started looking forward to what we do each year.

We enjoy the fact that with a little of our effort each year we seem to be able to bring joy to the life of many people.

Paying it forward - One smile at a time

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